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Morphosi Academy has been in operation in Medfield since 2003. We are owned and operated by Niko and Reka Athanasiadis, residents of the town. They are regularly involved in civic duties, including town committees and volunteer work for town events.

Morphosi Academy was originally founded to provide quality tutoring service for children attending schools in Medfield and surrounding towns. We offer quality Instruction in executive function, science, math, English and Spanish. We also offer test preparation for:

• SAT/ACT for college
• ISEE/SSAT for private schools

Over the years, our tutoring has expanded to provide flexible, high-quality training to give children the leg up in academics.

We have conducted industry research to investigate and discover the best way for children to learn. This has led to our unique methods and approach to help students achieve their maximum potential in all academic areas. We have proven results and a strong reputation that guarantees the success of every child.

In addition to tutoring, we conduct college readiness test preparation. Getting into college can be stressful, and with our training, students feel that much more prepared. We also offer assistance with helping students focus better, such as time management skills, organization, and study skills. We are committed to “Tutoring For Excellence,” which produces well-rounded students.

Our unique program specializes in providing well-trained tutors who can commit to giving students the one-on-one attention they need. We help students to excel based on their own learning needs. To give students the advantage, contact us to schedule a consult today.


“Thank you SO much for thinking of me! You have helped me so much over the years and I know you were a big part of (me) getting into such a wonderful school. Your gift (the Nano) is perfect, considering how much I love music. Thank you so much.”
- Lisa M., Westwood - Morphosi Academy Student

“I would just like to thank Morphosi Academy for helping both of my kids achieve success in math this year. In our family, math is not a strength. Through the help they have received through regular tutoring, PSAT prep, and SAT prep, my daughter has become an A student in Algebra, and my son was able to score in the 700's on the math portion of the SAT last month. We are very pleased with these results and would highly recommend Morphosi Academy to anyone who is looking for help. My daughter plans to continue coming here while in high school in order to keep on track with her classes and be well prepared when the time comes for the PSAT and SAT. Math has changed from being her most dreaded subject to something she feels accomplished and enjoys. Thank you so much for bringing about this change.”
- Morphosi Academy Parent

“Being a strong student in school, with ambitious and seemingly unreachable goals for the future, I was scared of the arduous challenge before me: the SATS. Standardized testing has never been a strength of mine and it seemed to be my Achilles heel in terms of my holistic college application. The first time I took the SATs I wet in entirely blind sighted. I had not done any preparation and wanted to test my knowledge in its raw state. Unfortunately, the unforgettable day my scores were returned in the mail will always be one of my worst memories. I cried for about two hours and was devastated, feeling as if I was watching my dreams crash and burn before me � I was very overdramatic at the time, but it was tough.

But then I came to Morphosi Academy. The constant preparation and push to practice that I had previously lacked sharpened my skills. While the internal motivation had always been there, it was my instructor�s honest caring for my progress and improvement, and the aid/advice I received that made me successful. After Morphosi Academy, my 590 on the critical reading went up 120 points to a 720! Thank you so much!”

- Morphosi Academy Student

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